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EVO 3 is a universal fixture system, which, combined with EVOs 1 and EVO 2, can handle all known models on the market. EVO 3 is unlike anything on the market today. Truly a Universal Fixturing Kit that enables parts replacements at factory specifications without the need to rent or purchase fixtures as new car models become available.

One EVO 1-3 package and you are ready for any vehicle on the road for holding while pulling and parts replacement. Together with Car-O-Tronic you are assured of precision each and every time you use the kit. No worries about damaged fixtures, unavailability of rental fixtures and no need to burden your profit margin with rental fees and purchases.

Approved by many OEM’s and in fact required by some, EVO set a new standard in collision repair.

EVO3 02 EVO3 03 EVO3 04 EVO3 05

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